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Fujifilm Introduces Compact with 15x Super Zoom

Fujifilm F300EXR digital camera Fujifilm F300EXR digital camera

To help compensate for slow autofocusing when using extreme zoom settings in compact cameras, Fujifilm has released the F300EXR, a 15x zoom, supercompact camera with hybrid autofocusing technology. Only 2 x 5.5 x 6.7 inches in size, the F300 comes with 12-megapixel resolution; a 24-360mm-equivalent built-in lens; and a 3-inch high-contrast, wide-view-enabled LCD screen.

The new hybrid autofocus systems include contrast AF, which is ideal for low-light scenes, and phase detection AF, which offers faster focusing in normal-light scenes. Having both systems in place, the F300EXR can achieve an AF speed of 0.158 second.

When shooting well-lit scenes, the camera can also be switched to high-resolution mode to ensure best image quality. For high-contrast scenes, the camera can be switched to DR (wide dynamic range) mode to balance the highlights and shadows automatically. There is also a low-noise mode for dark night scenes.

Images can be shot in full-EXR mode or with auto EXR mode, which will select the focus, exposure and white balance. Other features include P/A/S/M-priority shooting options, face-detection mode, 360-degree motion panorama mode and 720p HD video capabilities.

The F300EXR retails for around $359.

Additional Info

  • Company: Fujifilm
  • Company Phone #: 800-755-3854