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Pentax Introduces 645D Medium-format Digital

Pentax 645D medium-format DSLR Pentax 645D medium-format DSLR

Five years after announcing its development, Pentax has unveiled its 645D medium-format camera. It is the first digital version of the company's 645 system and features a 40-megapixel, 44×33 CCD sensor and a 921k-dot 3-inch LCD screen. It is compatible with existing 645-system lenses.

The sensor, nearly 1.7x larger than 35mm-format cameras, can produce RAW images as large as 50 MB. With 1/4000 second shutter speed, the 645D can take sharp, detailed action shots. Images can be more accurately captured with this camera's high-precision, 11-point wide-frame AF sensor and built-in image- and distance-orienting light meter. The camera's dual SD/SDHC memory card slots can be used to store photos according to file type or to serve as backup.

Initially, the camera will be available only in Japan at a suggested retail price of $9,400.

Additional Info

  • Company: Pentax
  • Company Phone #: 800-877-0155