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Hasselblad Introduces New Cameras, Backs

Hasselblad H2D medium format DSLR Hasselblad H2D medium format DSLR

Hasselblad has developed new digital cameras and camera backs based on a new digital platform, for both general and specialist professional photographers. Building on its H1 range of products, Hasselblad has launched the H2 cross-platform camera and the H2D fully integrated digital camera.

Both of the cameras include a series of brand new features, and are fully compatible with Hasselblad's existing H system lenses. Additionally, the Ixpress digital back line has been expanded with the Ixpress CF and Ixpress CFH.

Among the new features of the H2 and H2D is Instant Approval Architecture, an image approval and selection tool designed to streamline the classification of images. IAA triggers audible and visible signals for each image captured, telling the photographer immediately whether the image has red, amber or green light status. The information is recorded both in the file and file name.

The cameras use an optical format much larger than 35mm, with a 22-megapixel CCD sensor measuring 37 by 49mm. Storage options have been increased, with a choice of portable CF card storage, flexible FireWire drive or tethered operation with extended special capture controls.

The H2 cross-platform camera's single-battery operation works with the new Ixpress CFH digital back, offering one on/off switch and one operating system, facilitating streamlined, integrated operation.

The new products are fully compatible with Adobe's raw-image-format Digital Negative. The DNG file format allows raw, compressed image files to be opened directly in Adobe Photoshop CS. Hasselblad image files now carry a full set of metadata, including capture conditions, keywords and copyright.

Suggested retail prices for the H2 is $2,808 for the body only; and $6,647 for the body, viewfinder, 80mm f2.8 lens, 120/220 film back and battery charger. The H2D is $26,995 including all items above minus the film back. The Ixpress CF or CFH are $24,995 and includes the H2 body, battery and charger.

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  • Company: Hasselblad
  • Company Phone #: 800-367-6434