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Canon Enhances EOS 1D

Canon EOS 1D Mark II N DSLR Canon EOS 1D Mark II N DSLR

Canon's new 8.2-megapixel EOS-1D Mark II N digital SLR preserves the speed, responsiveness, image quality and reliability of the EOS-1D Mark II while incorporating new features that make the camera easier and more precise to use.

While the 1D Mark II fired at 8.5 frames per second with a 40-JPEG burst, the new model is capable of 48 full-resolution JPEG images in a burst. The camera also can shoot 19 frames of RAW+JPEG (JPEG quality: 8, Picture Style: Standard, ISO 100); and at 59 frames or better at the JPEG Middle 1 setting, 77 frames or better at JPEG Middle 2, and 135 or better at JPEG small.

Along with its improved burst rate, the 1D Mark II N has a new 2.5-inch, wide-angle view LCD/TFT monitor with 230,000 pixels of resolution.

Improvements also have been made in image playback. Magnified views are possible from any selected AF point and during Quick Review. When an image is displayed on the LCD monitor, users immediately can magnify the view to check focus. Other improved playback functions include a "last displayed image remembered" feature and a more complete INFO display, which shows file size and includes notations for monochrome and color.

The EOS-1D Mark II N camera shares with the EOS-1 series family an all-metal body and chassis, as well as weather-resistant construction with a shutter durability-tested to 200,000 exposures. The new camera is priced at $3,999.

Additional Info

  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-828-4040