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Canon Launches New 6MP Elphs

Canon Powershot SD700 IS digital camera Canon Powershot SD700 IS digital camera

Canon's new 6-megapixel PowerShot SD700 IS, SD630 and SD600 digital Elph cameras maintain the compact profile that characterizes the line, while new features have been added for greater ease of use.

Enhancements on all three cameras include a newly designed 6-megapixel image sensor that works with the Digic II image processor to reduce noise and achieve ISO-equivalent speed ratings ranging from 80 to 800. The new models feature 173,000-pixel LCD screens ranging in size from 2.5 to 3 inches.

The SD700 IS also incorporates optical image stabilization that provides up to three stops of camera shake correction in shutter speed equivalent.

The camera's body is designed to reduce unevenness and fit the hand more comfortably.

Despite a body thickness of less than an inch, the SD630 has a retractable 3x optical zoom with an equivalent 35mm focal length of 35-105mm; a 3-inch, 173,000-pixel LCD screen with adjustments for 15 levels of brightness; and a new touch control dial. In order to accommodate the larger LCD screen, the SD630 does not include the real-image optical viewfinder offered on most other Elph models.

Like the PowerShot SD630, the SD600 has 6-megapixel resolution, ISO-equivalent speed settings from 80 to 800, and a retractable 3x optical zoom with an equivalent 35mm focal length of 35-105mm. Its large 2.5-inch, 173,000-pixel-wide LCD screen offers 15 brightness adjustments.

All the new models offer widescreen 16:9 ratio resolution setting for panoramic-style prints. In addition, they have improved direct printing functions for greater flexibility in print settings, and work with Canon's Selphy Compact Photo Printers. The SD700 IS has an estimated selling price of $499. The SD630 is priced at $399, and the SD600 sells for an estimated $349.

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