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Canon Offers Three New Digital Elph Models

Canon Powershot SD890 IS digital camera Canon Powershot SD890 IS digital camera

Canon has released three new additions to its Digital Elph line of point-and-shoot cameras: the PowerShot SD890 IS, SD790 IS and SD770 IS. All three additions feature 10-megapixel resolution imaging on the Digic III imaging processor, as well as Motion Detection, Optical Image Stabilization and Genuine Canon Face Detection technologies.

The PowerShot SD890 IS features an image-stabilized, 5x optical zoom lens with a maximum wide-angle equivalent of a 37mm lens and a 2.5-inch PureColor II LCD display. The SD890 IS is also capable of taking macro images from less than an inch away.

The PowerShot SD790 IS sports an image-stabilized, 3x optical zoom with a focusing range from a wide-angle equivalent of 35mm to a maximum telephoto equivalent of 105mm. Like the SD890 IS, it offers the user an easy-to-use, multi-control dial, but also allows viewing of images on a 3-inch PureColor LCD II display.

The PowerShot SD770 IS boasts the thinnest body of any optically image-stabilized Elph model ever produced and can take almost 300 images on a single charge. The SD770 IS displays images on a 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II screen and captures images on an image-stabilized, 3x optical zoom lens.

The SD890 IS has an estimated retail price of $399, the SD790 IS, $349, and the SD770 IS, $299.

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  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-385-2155