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Canon Introduces Premier EOS-1D Mark IV SLR

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV DSLR Canon EOS-1D Mark IV DSLR

Canon's EOS-1D Mark IV features a completely redesigned 45-point autofocus system, fast 10-fps continuous shooting, 16-megapixel resolution, outstanding ISO sensitivity and full HD video recording.

Out of the 45 autofocus points, 39 are high-precision cross-type sensors that can accurately track moving objects at speeds up to 10 fps in new AI Servo II mode. The Mark IV has nearly twice the number of cross-type sensors as Canon's earlier Mark models.

The Mark IV also possesses Canon's widest ISO range, with speed settings from 100 up to 12800 in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments and with ISO expansion settings of L: 50 for bright light or H1: 25,600, H2: 51,200 and H3: 102,400 for dimly lit situations.

With 60 percent more pixels than the Mark III, the 16-megapixel Mark IV has also been upgraded with enhanced noise reduction technology.

This camera offers three RAW shooting modes — full RAW (16 megapixels), M-RAW (9 megapixels), and S-RAW (4 megapixels) — and three JPEG recording formats (M1, M2 and small).

In video mode, users also have full manual control and can select a wide range of frame rates, including 1080p Full HD and 720p HD in a 16:9 aspect ratio as well as standard definition (SD) in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

This camera is also one of the three units compatible with Canon's new WFT-E2 II A wireless file transmitter (WFT) system. With WFT capabilities, users can fire up to 10 cameras remotely, view and control the camera and access images remotely, and use geo-tagging capabilities.

The Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Digital SLR camera is sold in a body-only configuration at an estimated retail price of $4,999.

Additional Info

  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-828-4040