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Photoshop CS3, Software Cinema Produce Training Series


The second title of Software Cinema's interactive training line for Adobe Photoshop CS3 has been scheduled. The new interactive series is designed specifically for serious amateur and professional photographers.

Recently inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, digital artist Eddie Tapp teaches the series via broadband connection through Software Cinema's unique Workshops-on-Demand service or a Product-on-Disc DVD. Tapp teaches about the digital process and new effects that have been updated for the new CS3.

The series is a two-disc set titled "Classic Pro Techniques," and focuses on setup palettes for working spaces, and how to work in Adobe Bridge with the processing interface for RAW, JPEGs and more. It also teaches creative and advanced techniques in CS3 such as Edge Effects, Back to the Future Portrait Enhancement, Borders & Rules, Dream Glow Pro 1, Cookie Lighting and many more.

The Software Cinema CLASSIC Pro Techniques DVD sells for $99. CLASSIC Color Management is also available for $99. The Workshops-on-Demand cost roughly the same as the software, and run with unlimited access for 180 days.

Additional Info

  • Company: Software Cinema
  • Company Phone #: 1-858-413-4100