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Braided River Imprint Focuses on Conservation

The Last Polar Bear The Last Polar Bear

With ˜The Last Polar Bear," The Mountaineers Books has launched its new publishing venture, Braided River, with “The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World.”

The book contains nearly 200 color images by Steven Kazlowski, who has been following the creatures for the past eight years. Essays by conservationists, scientists and Alaskan natives supplement the photographs, including one by Theodore Roosevelt’s great-grandson. The Braided River imprint combines nature photography with essays by various authors, conservationists and public figures who explore critical environmental issues in the North American west. Braided River will also reach out by instituting a national series of lectures, exhibits and presentations in collaboration with environmental organizations.

“The Last Polar Bear” will be supported by a traveling exhibit of Kazlowski’s images in a 10-city tour and outreach program.

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