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Maileen Hamto

Maileen Hamto is a writer and editor based in Portland, Ore. (hamto.com). When not writing about entrepreneurship and small business, she follows her passion for photography.

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Galen Rowell: A Legacy of Adventure Unpublished

16 September 2006 Published in Landscape Photography

Mountain Light and the Sierra Club honor the memory of the legendary photographer with a 287-page retrospective book.

For many armchair explorers around the world, Galen Rowell has provided a unique and unadulterated glimpse of Alaska, Tibet, Yosemite, Patagonia and many other places in between. No other photographer in the last century has been as prolific and proficient in documenting his expeditions, often in some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable environments in the world.

Rowell collaborated with the Sierra Club and National Geographic on projects that took him from the peaks of the Himalayas to the wild seas surrounding Antarctica. Through his awe-inspiring photography and prose, he single-handedly raised...

Phil Borges: Celebrating Unsung Heroines Unpublished

22 March 2007 Published in People and Places

"I wanted this to be a series of hero stories," says Phil Borges, author of "Women Empowered." His new book of portraits celebrates the contributions of women from developing nations who are playing a significant role in executing lasting social change.

"I consider these women on the vanguard of a global shift to bring feminine power back into the human experience," he says. "It's a slow shift that's happening right now. These are the unsung and unknown heroes on the vanguard of that movement."

Partnering with the organization CARE, Borges' "Women Empowered" builds upon the humanity, character and purpose of his previous works. His books "Enduring Spirit" and "Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion" effectively raised awareness about the issues faced by people in the developing world...

Lindsay Hebberd: Reimagining Las Vegas Unpublished

05 March 2008 Published in Destinations

Lindsay Hebberd's new book challenges the public perception of "Sin City" and reveals Vegas as the cultural heart of America.

Enigma, excitement, energy: Las Vegas is a great many things to many people. But as Lindsay Hebberd's new book attests, the city that never sleeps — and never stops growing or gambling, either — continues to inspire the world's imagination.

"Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality" is a big book, both literally and figuratively. Following the success of her previous works that showcased cultural life in India and Indonesia, Hebberd made a radical subject shift by moving to Las Vegas nearly six years ago. There, she embarked on a book project that got her intimately involved with the heart, mind and soul of this eclectic and dynamic city.

"I've worked in over 50 countries, and Las Vegas is one of the happiest...