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Two New Tenba Photography Outdoor Bags

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Adding to Tenba's Shootout Daypack collection, the company has added two new backpacks to its line of professional outdoor photo/imaging bags. The Dual Purpose Daypack has an expandable outer compartment that adds 246 square inches of storage space. The Rolling Backpack is a scaled-down version of Tenba's Large Rolling Backpack; its smaller size makes it ideal for meeting airline carry-on requirements but can still accommodate large DSLRs and medium-format camera systems. It also fits lenses up to 300mm f/2.8 lenses and most laptops with screens measuring up to 15 inches. The backpack has a full-size, fully padded, expedition-type belt. The wheels can be tucked away by a padded panel cover.

Both packs, made of lightweight dobby and ripstop nylons, feature fully adjustable, well-padded interiors, plus movable and removable media and accessory pouches. They also have weather-sealed zippers and fast-deploying WeatherWrap auxiliary protection covers. The packs have QuickAccess pockets that allow for retrieval of a lens or accessory without having to fully remove or open the entire pack.

The Dual Purpose Daypack sells for $246, while the Medium Rolling Backpack is $320.

Additional Info

  • Company: Tenba
  • Company Phone #: 1-914-347-3300