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Sirui Introduces New Line of Tripods for Pros, Prosumers

Sirui T-005X Sirui T-005X

The Argraph Corporation has added a new line of ultra-compact tripod kits with the Sirui T-005X aluminum and T-025X carbon fiber models for distribution in the Americas.

The Sirui T Series tripods can fold down to 11.8 inches for super-compact portability, while being able to extend up to 51.4 inches and hold up to 13.2 pounds. The kit includes a C-10 billhead and Arca-compatible quick release plate.

Sirui T-005X tripods come in red, blue or black anodized aluminum.

The T-005X sells for $149, while the T-025X, which is made with eight layers of carbon fiber for added strength and lighter weight, sells for $249.

Additional Info

  • Company: Argraph Corporation
  • Company Phone #: 201-939-7722