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BenQ Debuts Portable GP1 LED Projector

BenQ GP1 LED Projector BenQ GP1 LED Projector

BenQ has created the Joybee lampless and PC-free GP1 Mini LED Projector, which includes a USB video reader. The device, weighing 1.4 pounds, projects movies, photos, games and home videos. The Joybee can amplify data stored on HD devices such as digital cameras, multimedia players, PDAs, iPods, iPhones and smart phones. Content is displayed in 15- to 80-inch 4:3 native format and is adjustable with digital zoom and Wall Color Correction modes.

The Joybee GP1 has a retail price of $499.

Additional Info

  • Company: BenQ
  • Company Phone #: 949-255-9500