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GigaPan Mechanism Delivers Famous High-Resolution Panorama

GigaPan Epic GigaPan Epic

GigaPan Systems has launched the GigaPan Epic, a unique mechanism and software that can be used to create 1,000-plus-megapixel panoramic images. Powered by technology from the NASA Mars Rover, the GigaPan was used by photographer David Bergman to create his famous image of President Barack Obama's inaugural address. Visitors to GigaPan.org can explore the image, and zoom in and out to pick out faces in the crowd.

GigaPan Epic is made for both experienced and novice photographers and allows them to capture detailed panoramas with almost any point-and-shoot digital camera.

To operate, the photographer simply attaches his or her digital camera to the Epic's small robotic mount to automate the picture-taking process. Next, the resulting images are downloaded to a computer and the GigaPan Stitcher software automatically combines them into a panorama. The GigaPan.org website makes it easy to post panoramas for sharing with a global community, and the GigaPan Viewer allows people to zoom in and out to explore the panoramas in detail.

The Epic system includes fully integrated software and works seamlessly with gigapan.org. The GigaPan Epic, complete with the GigaPan Stitcher software, is available now for $379. The GigaPan Epic 100, a second model designed for larger point-and-shoot digital camera models, will be available for $449.

Additional Info

  • Company: Gigapan Systems
  • Company Phone #: 000-000-0000