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New Ilford Paper Suits Digital Photos


Ilford Photo has developed a 315-grams-per-square-meter, fiber-based baryta paper for digital laser printers. The Galerie FB Digital has the ability to be exposed in digital laser printers (Lightjet and Lambda), writing directly from digital files. The paper's spectral sensitivity, combined with the archival benefits of traditional fiber-based black-and-white papers, allows photographers to create silver gelatin prints from digital images. The paper is being supplied initially in 100-foot rolls in 20-, 30-, 40- and 50- inch widths.

Ilford also has introduced a selenium toner, boasting a high-quality formula for emphasizing the tonal range of black-and-white prints. Ilford Harman selenium toner is supplied as a prepared liquid and is easy to apply. Subtler than other types of toners, the selenium yields rich blacks by absorbing any olive hues present. In addition, the reaction of selenium on the silver halide of prints hardens the adherence of the image to the paper, improving the chemical stability of the print, as well as its permanence and archival properties.

Additional Info

  • Company: Ilford Photo
  • Company Phone #: 888-453-6731