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Hindsight Unveils New Metamachine Software


HindSight has announced the arrival of a new software product called METAmachine. The simplified browsing utility program streamlines the process of adding keywords, licenses and other metadata to individual or packaged images. The program reads and writes XMP-formatted metadata in TIFF, JPEG, PSD and DNG images.

METAmachine can be used to write a complete set of the IPTC standard metadata into images or to add copyright and contact information or licensing terms, leaving unaltered all other metadata already present in the images. The software is compatible with XPM-compliant DAM software. To write metadata, users can drag images from the Desktop or from a compatible program such as Adobe Bridge, onto a target area where the metadata is added. There is no destructive recompression involved because the images are not moved or opened and resaved.

METAmachine has copyright protection options built into the software that help to protect against overwriting any existing copyright information in images. METAmachine is the exclusive metadata software that is in full compliance with the Meta Manifesto of the Stock Artists Alliance. The software has HindSight's keywording system built in, as well as a license constructor that can be modified to fit the user's needs.

METAmachine is currently available for Macintosh OS X operating systems and sells for $99 per license.

Additional Info

  • Company: HindSight
  • Company Phone #: 1-888-791-3770