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Argraph Introduces QP Camera RAW Profiling Tools

QPcard 202 QPcard 202

The new QPcard 202 (a color-calibrating reference card) and QPcalibrator (the accompanying profile software) have been designed to help photographers optimize their individual RAW image settings.

In order to accurately calibrate each camera's sensor, the QPcard 202 color target pinpoints color behavior of almost any camera in any light. To get started, users take a photo with the 202 card, then process it with the QP software. In five minutes, the software will generate a RAW profile setting to store in your photo processing application.

The next time photos are loaded, users will be given adjustment suggestions and warnings when a color channel is over-saturated.

The QPcard 202 retails for $55; however, the QPcalibrator software is free and can be downloaded at qpcard.com. Currently available for Windows 32 and Mac OS X systems, this current version supports only Adobe Camera Raw. The next iteration will also support ICC-profile dependent RAW converters.

Additional Info

  • Company: Argraph
  • Company Phone #: 201-939-7722