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Canon Introduces Six New Vixia Flash Memory Camcorders

Canon HF-M50 Canon HF-M50

With its latest line of HD flash memory camcorders, Canon has focused on a couple of hot-ticket items including social sharing functionality and improved low-light performance.

Other features include a newly designed HD CMOS pro image sensor, intelligent image stabilization and the ability to capture MP4 recordings. Canon has also created a new auto audio selection feature that differentiates between settings such as music, speaking and outdoor noise.

Of the lineup, Canon has produced three compact Vixia HF M-series models and three entry-level Vixia HF R-series models.

Part of the M-series, the M52 and M50 models can upload videos directly to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook over a Wi-Fi network, or to mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

The M52 and M50 (and M500) have flash memory storage and a 10x HD lens. The Vixia HF M52, HF M50 and HF M500 flash memory camcorders have an estimated retail price of $749, $649 and $549, respectively.

The R-series is a little more on the consumer-side of the market, although it shares the flash memory and social media connectivity (except for the R300 model).

All three models, which are 21 percent smaller than the R-series models from 2011, include a Canon HD video Lens with 51x advanced zoom, a 3.28-megapixel Canon Full HD CMOS image sensor and a 3-inch full-flat touch-panel LCD screen.

The Vixia HF R32, HF R30 and HF R300 camcorders have an estimated retail price of $549, $449 and $349, respectively.

All six cameras are compatible with the WP-V4 waterproof case, available for $549.

Additional Info

  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-385-2155