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Canon's DC50 DVD Captures Stills, Direct-to-DVD Video

Canon DC 50 DVD camcorder Canon DC 50 DVD camcorder

Canon has introduced its new 5-megapixel DC50 DVD camcorder. The slim design comes with Canon's Advanced Video Technology and top-tier photo features. The camcorder offers direct-to-DVD recording and accepts 3-inch DVD-R/-RW discs, which store up to 60 minutes of video on a single layer of disc or up to 108 minutes on dual-layer discs.

The camcorder has a 5.39-megapixel CCD image sensor with an RGB primary color filter that provides 5-megapixel photos. Designed with multiple technology advances, it has a Canon 10x optical/200x digital zoom lens, with smooth zoom control and three steady zoom speeds.

Canon's Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps with camera shake and movement almost instantly, ensuring less blur. The lens-shift-type OIS has both gyro and vector detection methods and can be engaged to steady the camera when shooting five-megapixel photos. The DIGIC DV II image processor helps recognize different color requirements of video and photos, improves color reproduction and reduces noise in low-light situations.

Additional features include the 9-point AiAF autofocus and auto exposure bracketing. The camcorder also comes with a built-in flash with red-eye reduction, a super-high-speed shutter capable of shooting at up to 1/720 second, aperture priority and special scene modes. It has a quick, responsive start mode and high-resolution 16:9 wide-screen video.

Canon's DC50 DVD camcorder has an estimated selling price of $799.

Additional Info

  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-828-4040