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Ilford Completes Restructuring


After emerging from receivership earlier this year, Ilford Imaging, based in Mobberley, England, has succeeded in restructuring its operations to maintain its presence in the marketplace. The black-and-white photographic manufacturing company, established in 1879, was able to remain in business by selling land at its Mobberley headquarters to an investment company on the basis that the plant would remain.

Ilford Photo is the trading name of Harman Technology, the company under which the new enterprise trades, and is the brand that will be used for all monochrome products: film, paper and photochemistry.

The distributors in the United States, France, the Benelux countries, Switzerland and Australia are no longer subsidiaries. They have reorganized themselves, mostly as independent companies, and will continue handling Ilford's products. Nearly 400 people are now employed at Mobberley, with production capability up to full capacity.

In addition, Ilford has reintroduced two of its products, ID-11 and Microphen powder monochrome film developers. ID-11 will be supplied in one-liter and five-liter packs, with Microphen in one-liter packs. Powder chemical manufacturing at Ilford's United Kingdom plant ceased when the company went into receivership last year.