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PhotoMedia Wins 10th Consecutive APEX Grand Award!

10th Consecutive APEX Grand Award! 10th Consecutive APEX Grand Award!

For the tenth year in a row, Communications Concepts, Inc. has honored PhotoMedia with its APEX Grand Award, this time in the Best Overall Magazine or Journal, print, over 32-pages (for profit, small office) category.

The 2012 APEX Grand Award was for the entire Fall 2011 issue, which featured photojournalism as a theme.

“Remember people saying they get Playboy for the stories? Well, PhotoMedia is one magazine that you're not embarrassed to get for the photos, because the photos and photo layouts are a visual feast — a treat for the senses. And, the feature articles are the other compelling reason, with superb insights into the photographs, and interviews of (and comments by) the pros who took them," said the Apex Grand Award judges.

In addition to the Grand Award, the cover story in the Fall 2011 issue, "Steve McCurry: Perfecting the Art of Observation," received an APEX Award of Excellence in the Personality Profiles category.

This was the 24th annual APEX Awards competition, honoring publishing excellence nationally. Altogether, PhotoMedia has now received a total of 11 APEX Grand Awards and 14 APEX Awards of Excellence over the last 13 years, and has earned one, the other or both every year. Only 100 Grand Award winners were chosen from almost 3,500 entries. Previous Grand Award wins were for Best Magazine or Journal, Best Magapaper or Newspaper, Best Photography, and Best Writing.

PhotoMedia has also won eight Maggie Awards — another highly prestigious publishing excellence honor — in 30 nominations over the last 13 years.