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Hermon Joyner

Hermon Joyner is a writer and photographer based in Portland, Ore. To view his work and read his blog posts on various subjects, visit  hermonjoyner.com

Website URL: http://hermonjoyner.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

IN THE LOUPE: Albert Watson Unpublished

15 May 2012 Published in In the Loupe

Home/studio: New York City

Published books: "Strip Search: Las Vegas" (2010); "UFO: Unified Fashion Objectives" (2010); "Albert Watson" (2007); "Maroc" (1998); "Cyclops" (1994)

Recent awards/honors: Platinum Award for 2011, Graphis; The Centenary Medal, The Royal Photographic Society, 2010; named one of the 20 Most Influential Photographers of All Time, Photo District News, 2010; inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame, 2006; Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising Photography, 2006; Grammy Award for Mason Profitt album, "Come and Gone," 1975 ; three Andy Awards, the Advertising Club of New York...

Albert Watson Unpublished

15 May 2012 Published in People and Places

No Slowing Down: The peripatetic master of celebrity, portrait, still life, fashion and landscape photography is still in constant motion after 40 years, always in search of the next arresting image

Most photographers quickly settle into a specialty, one genre or subject of photography that they are especially good at and for which they become well known. We don't expect people to be good at a lot of things. We expect professionals to....

IN THE LOUPE: Steve McCurry Unpublished

02 October 2011 Published in In the Loupe

Home and studio: New York City

Website: stevemccurry.com

Books: "Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs" (2011), "The Unguarded Moment" (2009), "In the Shadow of Mountains" (2007), "Looking East" (2006), "Steve McCurry: Phaidon 55" (2005), "The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage" (2003), "Sanctuary" (2002), "South Southeast" (2000), "Portraits" (1999), "Monsoon" (1988), "The Imperial Way" (1985)...

Steve McCurry: Perfecting the Art of Observation Unpublished

22 October 2011 Published in Photojournalism

From his iconic street portraits to his final roll of Kodachrome, globetrotting photojournalist McCurry is a master at finding personal connections with his subjects

Street portraits are one of McCurry's specialties. Most photojournalists tend to be somewhat removed from their subjects, but McCurry has perfected the intimate, close-up portrait in documentary photography.

His most famous portrait is the iconic "Afghan Girl," the now-ubiquitous image taken in 1984 during the Soviet occupation, showing an Afghan child with penetrating, pale eyes. In this portrait, we see the girl face to face....

Charles Flip Nicklin Unpublished

15 June 2011 Published in Nature and Wildlife

Explorer of the Abyss: The famous whale photographer, who has created indelible images of ocean life at National Geographic for more than 35 years, still has many seas to discover.

On January 11th, 1963, my father rode a whale." This is how Charles "Flip" Nicklin explains the event that changed not only his father's life but his own as well. His dad, Chuck Nicklin, owned a dive shop called the Diving Locker in San Diego. His father had learned to skin dive in Hawaii during World War II and had continued it as a hobby. Scuba diving was still a new, exotic activity for most people at the time, but Chuck taught his son, Flip, to dive at an early age. Both of them also tried their hands at underwater photography.

One day, while diving with friends, Chuck Nicklin and his buddies spotted a whale tangled up in a gill net's anchor line. The Bryde's whale was floating in the water and didn't react to the divers. They all swam around it, petted it and took some photographs...

IN THE LOUPE: Flip Nicklin Unpublished

14 June 2011 Published in In the Loupe

Home/Studio Location: Auke Bay, Alaska (12 miles north of Juneau)

Websites: FlipNicklin.com; WhaleTrust.org

Published Books: "Among Giants: A Life with Whales"; "Face to Face with Dolphins"; "Face to Face with Whales"; "Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries"; "Whales and Dolphins in Question," with Jim Mead...

IN THE LOUPE: William Albert Allard Unpublished

16 April 2011 Published in In the Loupe

Home/Studio: Missoula, Mont., and Charlottesville, Va.

Published books: "Vanishing Breed," "The Photographic Essay," "A Time We Knew," "Time at the Lake," "Portraits of America" and "Five Decades"

Awards: Western Heritage Award, 1982; Leica Medal of Excellence, 1982; University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award, 1994; Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award, 2002; University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications Award of Excellence, 2004...

William Albert Allard: Pictures and Word Unpublished

17 April 2011 Published in Travel Photography

For almost half a century, this National Geographic ‘street shooter' has brought the world's cultures to life through his travel portraits and evocative essays.

William Albert Allard came to a conclusion about life and photography many years ago. The only way to keep producing exceptional work is to carefully select the work you do. And that work has to matter to you because that's the only way to make images that are truly honest, images that you can stand behind and believe in...

IN THE LOUPE: Stan Musilek Unpublished

20 September 2008 Published in In the Loupe

Home and studio locations: San Francisco and Paris, France.

Preferred equipment: Horseman SW and Silvestri Flexicam medium-format view cameras; Rodenstock and Schneider digital lenses; Phase One and Leaf digital backs; Broncolor lights for still-life and Briese lights for people.

Personal projects: Photographing the great, classic bars of the world. He hopes to publish the collection as a book one day.

Advice to aspiring studio photographers:"Eliminate things [from] the photo that don't need to be there," he says. "Figure out the minimum amount of elements to tell a story." He also recommends learning photography on a view camera.


Stan Musilek: Crafting the Perfect Moment Unpublished

20 September 2008 Published in Studio Photography

No matter the subject, studio shooter Stan Musilek creates his own "decisive moment" to achieve results that are larger than life, better than real.

A Stan Musilek image is composed of opposites: monumental and intimate, luscious and spare.

Even in such a mundane space as a kitchen, these forces play out. The imposing, panoramic expanse of red and gray, the brushed-steel appliances and fixtures standing out like islands in a sea of crimson.

Your eye is drawn to the elegant woman as she leans against the counter and then to the man who pauses in mid-step in the background.

The scene is both austere and inviting at the same time.

Or consider an elegant model presented in beautiful pearly grays unveiling...

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