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IN THE LOUPE: Stan Musilek

Stan Musilek Stan Musilek

Home and studio locations: San Francisco and Paris, France.

Recent awards: Lürzer's Archive list of "200 Best Advertising Photographers in the World"; Pix Digital Imaging 13 (recognizing photography and digital retouching); Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (Architecture and Fashion Photo Awards); Applied Arts 17th annual Photography and Illustration Awards.

Selected clients: Adobe, Apple, Bank of America, Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, Ferragamo, Geffen Records, Hitachi, Intel, Levi Strauss, Macy's, Microsoft, Motorola, Nike, Nokia, Saatchi & Saatchi, Samsung, Sprint, Tiffany & Co., Universal Studios, Young & Rubicam and many others.

Preferred equipment: Horseman SW and Silvestri Flexicam medium-format view cameras; Rodenstock and Schneider digital lenses; Phase One and Leaf digital backs; Broncolor lights for still-life and Briese lights for people.

Personal projects: Photographing the great, classic bars of the world. He hopes to publish the collection as a book one day.

Advice to aspiring studio photographers:"Eliminate things [from] the photo that don't need to be there," he says. "Figure out the minimum amount of elements to tell a story." He also recommends learning photography on a view camera.

Website: musilek.com

Hermon Joyner
Story Author: Hermon Joyner

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