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John McAnulty Photos Chosen for Oregon State University 'Art About Agriculture' Tour for Fourth Consecutive Year

Palouse Spring Morning Palouse Spring Morning
© John McAnulty

For the fourth year in a row, Portland photographer John McAnulty's images have been selected for Oregon State University's annual Art About Agriculture Tour.

This year's tour included two of McAnulty's images, "Palouse Spring Morning" and "Ready for Picking." In addition, "Palouse Spring Morning" was selected for the Dean and Director Award, College of Agricultural Sciences and Oregon Agriculture Experiment Station.

"Photography gives me the ability to see deeply. This ability has increased my connection with the world around me. It has led me to realize that how I live my life is my true art, not my photography. If making my life my art is my intention, then being in focus on both sides of the film plane must be my mission. To me photography is not about taking beautiful pictures but about creating powerful images. My goal is to create images that give the viewer not only a visual sense of what the subject looks like, but an emotional sense of what the image feels like."

John F. McAnulty 2006