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Art Wolfe Announces the Release of Three New Books


This September, Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe will be releasing 3 new books: California (Sasquatch Books), The High Himalaya (Mountaineers Books), and Africa (Wildlands Press).

California is the fourth book in a series showing the natural wonders (landscapes and wildlife) of the West, and follows Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Colorado.

The High Himalaya will include photographs taken over more than 17 years of association with the Himalayas, from the 1984 Seattle expedition to Mt. Everest through March 2001. It will feature the landscapes and the cultures of Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and Western China, with a foreword by Tenzing Norbu, an introduction by Peter Potterfield, and interviews with such notable climbers and outdoorsmen as Reinhold Messner, Doug Scott, and Ed Viesturs.

Africa will be Wolfe's second self-published book and will feature images taken over 20 years and more than 20 trips to the continent--from the first climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro to a photo safari led by Wolfe this past March. Filled with images of landscapes, wildlife, and indigenous peoples, Africa will include a foreword by Jane Goodall and text by Michelle Gilders.