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Elle Ross to Write Script for "Headhunt Revisited" Project


Los Angeles-based writer Elle Russ will pen the script for the upcoming documentary film project "Headhunt Revisited." Russ is also a comedic writer and a member of the ACME Comedy Theatre group in Los Angeles.

"Headhunt Revisited" follows Michele Westmorland and Karen Huntt, both Seattle photographers and writers, on their quest to document the culture of indigenous people in Papua New Guinea and on the Solomon Islands. Westmorland and Huntt's expedition follows the journey of portrait painter Caroline Mytinger, who lived among these islanders from 1926 to 1930.

The documentary will premiere at a yet-to-be-determined date at the de Young Museum of Art in San Francisco. A portion of the proceeds from the accompanying book will be donated to a fund, established by Papua New Guinea's Parliament, to assist that country's female art and anthropology students.