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Jeff Streich Selected to Produce and Direct Mytinger Documentary


The Caroline Mytinger Project has selected Jeff Streich, of First Light Films (firstlightfilms.com) in Portland, Ore., to produce and direct the documentary portion of the project.

Streich’s previous television work includes projects for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, PBS, BBC, MTV and the first season of CBS’s “Survivor.” He also was the recipient of an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft in News and Documentary Programming for the documentary “Into the Volcano,” which aired on National Geographic Television.

In 1926, Caroline Mytinger and Margaret Warner set out on a four-year journey to paint portraits of the indigenous peoples of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea before Western culture altered their ways of life forever. Photographers Michele Westmorland and Karen Huntt are seeking to re-create their journey. Their expedition is scheduled for May and June 2005.