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Frans Lanting's Multimedia Orchestral Performance, "Life: A Journey Through Time," Presented in Italy, Mexico and England

Frans Lanting's Life: A Journey Through Time," Frans Lanting's Life: A Journey Through Time,"
© Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting's "LIFE: A Journey Through Time" will be displayed through February 2010 as part of a multimedia orchestral performance in Italy, Mexico and England.

A collaboration between National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting and composer Philip Glass ("La Belle et La Bete," "Dracula," "Les Enfants Terribles"), the performance was first conceived as part of the Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz, Calif., in 2006 as a means to create "a lyrical interpretation of life on our planet." The final show of the tour was scheduled to take place in London on Feb. 21 with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Lanting's previous two showings took place in Bozano, Italy, as part of the TransArt Festival this past October and in Merida, Mexico, as part of the 9th World Wilderness conference featuring Seattle Symphony conductor Carolyn Kuan.