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Fogdens and Littlehales Receive NANPA Lifetime Achievement Awards


Michael and Patricia Fogden, of North Uist, Scotland, will receive 2008 Lifetime Achievement Awards from NANPA, recognizing their work with natural history subjects. Bates Littlehales, of Circleville, Wis., a retired photographer who specialized in natural history photography and underwater work for the National Geographic Society, will be honored with the second 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Also,  NANPA Fellow Awards will be presented to Kathy Moran, of Washington, D.C.; Danita Delimont, of Bellevue, Wash.; and Tom Vezo, of Green Valley, Ariz. Also to be recognized are Amy Gulick, of North Bend, Wash., with the Mission Award, and Mark Lukes, of Fort Collins, Colo., with the Outstanding Service Award.