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IN THE LOUPE: Karen Moskowitz

Karen Moskowitz Karen Moskowitz

Home: Seattle

Favorite Gear: "I use Dyna-Lites, because I can travel with them," Karen Moskowitz says. "I use a Mamiya RZ. I don’t have a 35mm camera right now. It got stolen a couple of years ago, so now I just rent. I’m a big renter. I keep the minimum amount of gear, and rent stuff locally if I need extra firepower. I don’t use digital cameras. When speed is of the essence, I’ll scan my proof sheets and e-mail them to editors in New York. I’ve e-mailed high-res images to Germany for publication. I’ve got a DSL line here at the studio."

Recent Assignments: Ben Harper for Request magazine; ads for Kellogg’s, through J. Walter Thompson New York; ads and images for rapper Puff Daddy’s CD.

Best Advice for Aspiring Photographers: "When you start out you tend to do everything yourself. As you get the bigger jobs, you don’t realize the size of the production team you need to pull something off. You may need a producer, set stylists, location scouts, hair and make-up people. For example, the Puff Daddy shoot. I had to have a producer in New York and a producer in L.A. I had to have really experienced people. I know for a fact that his organization has chewed up photographers and spit ’em out. Not because they weren’t great photographers, but because they couldn’t handle the production."

John Callan
Story Author: John Callan

John Callan, a former editor of PhotoMedia, is a freelance writer based in Woodinville, Wash.

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