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IN THE LOUPE: Jill Greenberg

Greenberg poses with an orangutan friend from her "Monkey Portraits" series. Greenberg poses with an orangutan friend from her "Monkey Portraits" series.
© Jill Greenberg

Location: Studio in Beverly Hills, Calif. (manipulator.com). Resides in Los
Angeles with her husband and two children.

Number of assistants: Two to three, depending on the job.

Preferred equipment: Profoto, Elinchrome, Mamiya. Although Greenberg says that she prefers to use film to achieve her signature burnished look, she relies on digital image manipulation during production. After all, she is known as "The Manipulator" on her web site.

Clients: Phillip Morris, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Target, Microsoft, RCA, Compaq, Polaroid, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, MGM, HBO, Disney, USA Networks, Discovery Channel, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Smirnoff, Seagrams and many others. Her work also has appeared in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Interview, Wired, Spin, Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, Seventeen and Vanity Fair.

Major awards: Communication Arts, Photography Annual, Photo District News SelfPromotion, Photo District News Website Design.


Latest assignment: Photographing Christina Aguilera for the cover of The Advocate.

Favorite assignment: It's hard to choose one particular assignment, she says, but top picks include shooting the Dixie Chicks for a Time cover story and snapping images for Damon Wayans' "The Underground," a sketch comedy series that premiered on Showtime this fall.

Advice for aspiring studio shooters: "You have to work really hard in the beginning — and ultimately, you have to work really hard forever. It's really competitive. It's always a bit of a scramble to stay at the top of clients' minds."

Laurie Fronek
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