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Satisfied Customer in California

Satisfied Customer in California Satisfied Customer in California

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara [Calif.] to check out their new location. After examining a new camera bag, I went over to pick up some product literature when the Spring [2005] edition of PhotoMedia caught my eye. I don't know if it was the large format of the magazine or the eye-catching cover photo, but I pulled one off the rack for a look-see. I had never seen a copy of PhotoMedia before, but this one was going home with me, that was for sure.

I headed over to the checkout counter to pay for it, but pulled up short when I noticed it was free. I went out to my car — my wife was patiently waiting for me — and began to look over the photos of the tsunami disaster. We paged through the magazine together, and each page brought another great story or picture.

I've never been moved to write to a photo magazine, but I wanted to let you know I think you're doing a heck of a good job with this publication. I subscribe to Digital Photo Pro and Popular Photography, and I receive complimentary copies of Rangefinder, Electronic Imaging (until they went under), Government AV Video and few others. From a pure content point of view, PhotoMedia is right up there with the best of them. There is more meat in this Spring issue than in most magazines four times its size. I also liked the idea of actually being able to see the cover photo without most of it being obscured by type and advertising. The photo reproduction is excellent. I don't know all the technology behind that, but the tonal range and fine detail are evident on every page. I'm no expert on laying out a magazine, but I know a good one when I see it. Thanks for a great publication, and keep up the good work.

— Dennis Fisher
Optical Systems Manager
Western Test Range
Vandenburg Air Force Base, Calif.