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Cliff Hollenbeck

Cliff Hollenbeck is one of the leading photographers and filmmakers in travel and advertising. He is the author of a dozen books on photography, travel and business. He is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, the Professional Photographers of America and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

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Cliff Hollenbeck: "Parlez Vous Photography?" Unpublished

09 January 2001 Published in Guest View

Learning a bit of foreign language opens doors to photographing people.

Photography is an international language spoken by everyone, right? One picture being worth a thousand words, and all that entails. But sometimes understanding a photo is a whole lot easier than creating it, especially if you can't say a dang thing in the local tongue.

Imagine walking on a beautiful beach along the Mediterranean's famous Riviera. You spot the perfect couple frolicking in the light surf. Aim the camera and they start giving you a very bad time in French...