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Christina Mittermeier

Christina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier, a Mexican-born conservation scientist and photographer, has cowritten seven books and various scientific and popular articles on conservation issues, mostly focusing on the work of Conservation International. To learn more, visit her website at cristinamittermeier.com

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Christina Mittermeier: Art Born of Environmental Ethic Unpublished

16 June 2005 Published in Guest View

Cristina Mittermeier explains the purpose of conservation photography.

Before the demanding process of making images consumed my life, I already was committed to preserving our planet’s natural resources. For me, there never has been a distinction between these two disciplines; I use photography to promote conservation and conservation to make sure that the diversity and beauty of Earth are conserved for my future photographic enjoyment. Although I know that many photographers don’t see this connection as clearly as I do, I am continuously surprised and inspired by the many others who do. In fact, there are so many such photographers that the time has come to make a distinction and create a new discipline: conservation photography.

Clearly, the similarities with nature photography are many...