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Sony's Releases Cyber-Shot T-Series

Sony CyberShot T-Series Sony CyberShot T-Series

Sony has debuted two new Cyber-shot T-series cameras, the T200 and T70. New features include an intuitive touch screen that allows users to select a subject to focus on when in shooting mode. While in playback mode, users can view what they want and zoom in to select specific objects. The cameras also feature a new "smile shutter" function, ensuring the capture of smiling faces in the images it captures.

The T200 has an ultra-thin body, 8-megapixel resolution, a 5X Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens and a 3.5-inch-wide LCD touch-panel monitor that allows the user to control the camera's many settings. The T70 features 8-megapixel resolution, a 3-inch wide LCD touch panel and a 3X Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens.

Both cameras allow users to view digital photos in full 1080 high-definition resolution. When the cameras are connected to an HDTV set with a HD component cable or HD cradle, photos can be viewed by using the built-in slideshow function. When the cameras are connected to a new Sony Bravia HD television, photos can be viewed with the sharpness, gradation and color that are found specifically in photographs, using the Photo TV HD mode. The two Cyber-shot T-series cameras also apply Sony's Face Detection technology, image stabilization and high sensitivity (ISO 3200).

The touch screen can be used to select designs, frames or stamps, which can be recorded in a format for either 4 x 6-inch prints or HD photo viewing. Photos can also be resized to a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.

The Cyber-shot T200 and T70 sell for an estimated price of $400 and $300 each.

Additional Info

  • Company: Sony
  • Company Phone #: 800-222-7669