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Samsung's WB750 Offers Super Fast, Super Zoom

Samsung WB750 Samsung WB750

A BSI (back-side illuminated), 12.5-megapixel CMOS sensor and 18x optical zoom with 24x smart zoom technology make the new WB750 compact camera the longest-ever zoom in Samsung’s compact camera portfolio.

With the BSI CMOS sensor, Samsung has been able to reduce image noise and distortion on images taken with its compact camera line. Able to take 10 frames per second in high-speed continuous mode, the WB750 can also shoot full 1080p HD video. Users can also take 10-megapixel stills while simultaneously recording video. The camera’s creative movie maker feature allows users to create movie clips (and edit with a range of special effects) on the camera.

The WB750 offers three different panorama modes: Action Panorama mode, which tracks a moving person or object with a static background to record movement within a single, still photo; Live Panorama mode, which captures a large group of people simply by holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene; and 3D Panorama mode, which uses one lens and one sensor to create a 3D image.

With the smart auto 2.0 function, the camera can recognize and automatically select the most appropriate setting from a choice of 16 still-image modes and four movie-clip settings. Pricing has not yet been released.

Additional Info

  • Company: Samsung
  • Company Phone #: 888-726-7864