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Phase One Releases P 65+ Full-Frame 645 Camera

Phase One  P 65 Phase One P 65

Phase One has announced the release of the P 65+ digital back and the P 65+ camera system, a full-frame 645 medium format camera system based on the Sensor+ CCD technology.

The Sensor+ CCD technology has been co-developed with Dalsa Semiconductor and is designed to enable scalable pixel and file size, higher sensitivity and dynamic range, and increased flexibility for operation and capture, as well as improved capture rates.

The Phase One P 65+ takes advantage of a full-frame capture system, based on a 645 film format. The P 65+ provides a large live capture area of 53.9x40.4mm, without the need for lens magnification. Resolution reaches 60.5 megapixels (8,984 x 6,732 active pixels) achieving 180 MB, 8-bit RGB files.

The P 65+ offers captures at one frame per second, offers reduction of moiré artifacts, uses next-generation Lens+ and Focus+ technologies, and features 12.5 f-stops of dynamic range. The P 65+ digital back and the P 65+ camera system are fully upgradeable, based on advancements in chip technology.

The P 65+ digital back starts at $39,900 and the P 65+ camera system starts at $41,990.

Additional Info

  • Company: Phase One
  • Company Phone #: 631-547-8900