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Komamura’s Horseman SW-D Debuts

Komamura Horseman SW-D Komamura Horseman SW-D

Komamura Corp. has unleashed the Horseman SW-D II Pro, the second generation of the SW-D super-wide-angle camera. The large-format camera contains design improvements that give users the freedom to shift on the tripod head and additional mount capabilities for its interchangeable digital back system. The SW-D II Pro is now compatible with the Hasselblad V and Hasselblad H mounts, as well as the Mamiya 645.

The front of the camera can be mounted on a tripod head, allowing the rear the freedom to shift laterally and vertically for stitching without changing image composition. The SW-D II Pro uses a 24mm lens. The SW-D II Pro retails for $2,899.

Additional Info

  • Company: Komamura
  • Company Phone #: 925-825-4795