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Mamiya Offers 645AFDIII Hybrid

Mamiya 645AFDIII medium format DSLR Mamiya 645AFDIII medium format DSLR

Mamiya has released the 645AFDIII, the latest addition to its professional line of medium-format film/digital cameras, with an updated intercommunication protocol called MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) to improve communication between the digital back and camera body.

The Mamiya 645AFDIII employs a new coreless motor to make autofocusing fast and quiet. To further improve AF control, the focusing point can be user-selected and positioned in the center, right or left side. The 645AFDIII also allows photographers to select second-curtain flash synchronization for creating unique flash photography.

Alongside the 645AFDIII, Mamiya has introduced the Sekor AF 80mm f/2.8D lens, with an auto/manual focus switch ring function and a 16-bit CPU. The CPU also allows for easy firmware upgrades, finer lens-characteristic correction and faster, more reliable communication between the lens and the camera body.

For film use, the new AFDIII, with HM402 film back, can achieve a winding speed of 2 frames per second when used in conjunction with the 645AFDIII (instead of 1.2fps with the HM401 film back on the AFDII). The focal length of the lens in use can now be imprinted on the film edge with this combination.

The 645AFDIII is also compatible with digital backs from other makers, such as Leaf and Phase One, and can now accept nickel-metal hydride AA batteries. Prices to be announced.

Additional Info

  • Company: Mamiya (MAC Group)
  • Company Phone #: 914-347-3300