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Mamiya Releases New Medium-Format 28-MP DL28

Mamiya DL28 medium-format DSLR Mamiya DL28 medium-format DSLR

Mamiya has introduced the DL28, its newest medium-format digital camera system with a 28-megapixel resolution. The DL28's resolution is enhanced by its large sensor, which allows a pixel size of 7.2 microns to produce rich images with low noise and high detail.

The DL28 also offers a large 3.5-inch high-contrast touch screen. The camera system works with Leaf's 28-megapixel Aptus-II 6 digital back and uses the 645AFD III body. The 645AFD III and Leaf Aptus-II 6 digital back work as an integral unit, with the 645AFD III providing a new coreless motor for faster, accurate autofocusing and an enhanced interface system.

The DL28 is a full-featured professional digital system, with 16-bit capture, 12-stop dynamic range and an ISO range of 50-800. The digital back provides raw files of 53MB, and 16-bit TIFF files in excess of 159MB.

Images can be stored on CompactFlash media to shoot untethered. Users can also use the included FireWire cable and Leaf Capture 11.2 software to shoot directly to a computer and to enable others to view on iPhone devices.

Pricing for the Mamiya DL28 begins at $14,999.

Additional Info

  • Company: Mamiya (MAC Group)
  • Company Phone #: 914-347-3300