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Delkin Launches Fastest CF Memory Card Yet

Delkin CombatFlash 625x Delkin CombatFlash 625x

Delkin Devices has announced its line of ruggedized waterproof CF memory cards, touting them as having the fastest read and write speeds currently available.

The new cards are available in capacities ranging from 8GB up to 64GB and are capable of transferring pictures, video, music and more at speeds up to 685x, or 103MB per second. The cards are also fully compatible with HD and 3D video recording modes.

Retail prices range from $149 for an 8GB card to $899 for a 64GB card. CombatFlash 625x memory is also available for purchase for a limited time, with 4GB to 16GB capacities, retailing from $79 to $229.

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