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SanDisk Controller Technology Boosts Memory Card Capacities

SanDisk Ultra II CF SanDisk Ultra II CF

SanDisk’s new Multi-Level Cell and advanced controller technology have allowed it to quadruple the capacity of its high-speed SanDisk Ultra II cards. The company now offers 8GB CompactFlash Type I cards, 4GB SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO cards and 2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD cards. All cards maintain their minimum write speeds of 9MB per second and minimum read speeds of 10MB per second.

Price ranges for the SanDisk Ultra II product line are as follows:

Ultra II CF — 256MB-2GB, $49-$249; 4GB, $479; 8GB, $959.

Ultra II MS PRO — 256MB-1GB, $74-$249; 2GB-4GB, $479-$959.

Ultra II SD — 256MB-512MB, $64-$89; 1GB-2GB, $119-$239.

Additional Info

  • Company: SanDisk
  • Company Phone #: 866-726-3475