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Holga Releases New Models

06 November 2010
Published in : Film Cameras
Holga of China has expanded its line with a new 35mm camera in both manual and autofocus models. Also new are the Holga N, FN and CFN models using 120-size film. The new Holga 120 CFN is a medium-format camera with integrated color flash and a plastic lens. The rotating flash wheel can change the color of the flash to red, yellow, blue or standard white...

Komamura Releases Horseman 3D and SW617

13 March 2008
Published in : Film Cameras

Komamura Corp. has announced the release of two new Horseman cameras, the 3D and the wide-angle SW617 Professional.

The Horseman 3D, a new 35mm split-image Rangefinder camera, includes a 24×65mm electronically controlled focal plane shutter with right-and-left image synchronization. The 1/1,000-second shutter speed gives users the ability to make stereo pictures of fast-moving objects. The camera also features an aperture priority AE or manual mode and a pair of...

Tamron Discontinues Bronica

25 March 2005
Published in : Film Cameras

Tamron USA has ceased sales of Bronica ETR-Si, SQ-Ai, SQ-B and GS-1 cameras and accessories in the United States market. Takashi Inoue, the company’s president, cited the advent of digital photography for the decline in medium-format sales. The current sales volume cannot sustain the production of Bronica SLR products, he said.

Tamron will post a list of dealers with substantial Bronica inventory and suggests that photographers contact these dealers to purchase equipment. The Bronica RF645 Medium Format Rangefinder will continue to be...

Nikon F6 Caps Historic Line

09 March 2005
Published in : Film Cameras

Nikon has introduced the F6, the latest of the F series cameras inaugurated in 1959. The F6 includes the latest Nikon advances, such as the 11-area autofocus system and the Creative Lighting System. The 3D Color Matrix Metering system has been refined for improved accuracy in scene reading.

The camera has an aluminum-alloy die-cast chassis, magnesium-alloy front body and covers, aluminum-alloy back body and camera back, strategically placed rubber surfaces, an easy-to-grip texture and a...