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Komamura Releases Horseman 3D and SW617

Komamura Horseman 3D Komamura Horseman 3D

Komamura Corp. has announced the release of two new Horseman cameras, the 3D and the wide-angle SW617 Professional.

The Horseman 3D, a new 35mm split-image Rangefinder camera, includes a 24×65mm electronically controlled focal plane shutter with right-and-left image synchronization. The 1/1,000-second shutter speed gives users the ability to make stereo pictures of fast-moving objects. The camera also features an aperture priority AE or manual mode and a pair of 38mm f/2.8 lenses.

Komamura also developed the SW617 Professional, a new wide-angle camera with a 6×17cm image format and enhanced camera movements. The SW617 has an optional ground glass back for added focusing and compositioning as well as six types of dedicated lenses to support various scenes.

Two interchangeable roll-film holders are available for a 6×17cm format that takes four simultaneous exposures on 120 rollfilm or a 6×12cm format at six exposures. Other features include a rise-and-fall movement of 17mm each, a Bright Frame Optical View Finder and a helical mount. Lenses are available in 90mm units by Schneider and by Rodenstock; a 72mm unit is also available. The SW617 retails for $2,499 (Body only).

Additional Info

  • Company: Komamura
  • Company Phone #: 925-825-4795