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Phase One Introduces IQ Medium-Format Camera Backs

17 April 2011
Published in : Camera Backs

Phase One has designed a new line of medium-format digital camera backs that offer up to 80-megapixel resolution. This new line includes the IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140 backs, each of which varies in resolution (80, 60.5 and 40 megapixels, respectively).

In addition to offering the highest resolution of any SLR back currently on the market, the IQ180 — as well as the IQ160 and IQ140 — has a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops, features a USB3 connection for faster image transfers, and has a FireWire 800 connection to eliminate buffering delays. This means that the camera can support continuous shooting until a card is filled...

Mamiya Releases Three M Series Digital Backs

13 October 2009
Published in : Camera Backs

Mamiya Digital Imaging has announced its new line of M series digital backs for the Mamiya 645AFDIII: the M18, M22 and M31.

The difference between these medium-format backs lies primarily in the resolution quality and ISO range. The M18 has an 18-megapixel resolution and a film speed range of ISO 100 to ISO 800; the M22 has a 22.1-megapixel resolution and a film speed range of...

Leaf Reveals New Rotating Sensor System

20 October 2008
Published in : Camera Backs

Leaf has introduced the new AFi 10, equipped with a 56 x 36-millimeter, 56-megapixel digital imaging sensor that uses the Verto internal sensor rotation technology to enable full-frame photography in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The new True Wide Frame (TWF) sensor was built in cooperation with Dalsa Semiconductor to fit into the 6x6 (56x56mm) frame of the Leaf AFi camera and enable lenses to have a full angle of view. The rotation technology allows the user to switch image orientation without turning the...

Mamiya Releases Newest Digital Back Adapter

24 June 2008
Published in : Camera Backs

Mamiya has introduced the ProSD Adapter HX702 for its RB67 Pro-S and Pro-SD. The adapter allows for the attachment of Mamiya's ZD 22-megapixel digital back on the medium-format cameras.

The adapter transforms the RB67 film camera into a 22-megapixel digital camera, capable of high-quality images. The aluminum adapter has a revolving mechanism built-in, retaining the RB67's capability of switching between...

Phase One Releases P21 Digital Back

10 July 2006
Published in : Camera Backs
Phase One has developed the third of its P-series digital camera backs, the P 21. At 1.1 frames per second, the P 21 has an 18-megapixel sensor and can create processed image files of up to 54 MB. It writes to Compact-Flash cards at up to 20MB per second. The back has light-sensitivity settings from ISO 100 to 800...

Phase One Develops 39MP Digital Back

15 March 2006
Published in : Camera Backs
Phase One has released a digital camera back with a 39-megapixel sensor for medium- and large-format photography. The P 45 has a capture rate of 35 frames per minute, a write speed of up to 20 MB per second and 117 MB per file size capability.
The P 45 digital camera back also includes Phase One’s revolutionary secure storage system (3S) technology...

Phase One Offers New Backs, P45 and P30

10 November 2005
Published in : Camera Backs
The new Phase One P 45 and P 30 digital backs have been designed for commercial photographers. The P 45 has a 39-megapixel sensor and 117MB file sizes per shot, for sharper, more detailed images. The P 21 boasts 60 frames per minute, with processed image files of 54 MB...