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Leaf Reveals New Rotating Sensor System

Leaf AFi 10 Camera Back Leaf AFi 10 Camera Back

Leaf has introduced the new AFi 10, equipped with a 56 x 36-millimeter, 56-megapixel digital imaging sensor that uses the Verto internal sensor rotation technology to enable full-frame photography in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The new True Wide Frame (TWF) sensor was built in cooperation with Dalsa Semiconductor to fit into the 6x6 (56x56mm) frame of the Leaf AFi camera and enable lenses to have a full angle of view. The rotation technology allows the user to switch image orientation without turning the camera or the imaging module. Instead the user can flip the sensor from the horizontal to the vertical plane and back.

The Leaf AFi 10 is priced at approximately $43,000.

Additional Info

  • Company: Leaf
  • Company Phone #: 866-4US-LEAF