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Phase One Releases P21 Digital Back

Phase One P21 Digital Back Phase One P21 Digital Back

Phase One has developed the third of its P-series digital camera backs, the P 21. At 1.1 frames per second, the P 21 has an 18-megapixel sensor and can create processed image files of up to 54 MB. It writes to Compact-Flash cards at up to 20MB per second. The back has light-sensitivity settings from ISO 100 to 800.

Like the P 30 and the P 45, the other backs in the series, the P 21 includes secure storage system technology that eliminates the risk of writing to damaged storage media by checking the validity of every CompactFlash storage card inserted in the camera back.

Using Phase One’s Capture One software with the P 21 allows photographers to capture, adjust, prepare for print and archive perfect images in mere minutes. This increased workflow efficiency is intended to decrease the amount of time spent in post-production.

The P 21 back lists for $19,990 and includes a 3-year warranty, which provides for a loaner unit should the back require repair.

Additional Info

  • Company: Phase One
  • Company Phone #: 631-547-8900