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Florian Schulz Publishes Arctic Photo Book

15 May 2012
Published in : Media

Award-winning nature photographer Florian Schulz has published a new panoramic photo essay title, "To the Arctic". Schulz's large-format book contains more than 150 color images that take readers on a personal journey to the remote-yet-vibrant Arctic. The book also includes several first-person accounts that describe Schulz's larger-than-life adventures in the far north...

Borges Publishes New ‘Tibet’ Book

16 October 2011
Published in : Media

In his book, “Tibet: Culture on the Edge,” social documentary photographer Phil Borges has included 175 full-color, full 12x9-inch portraits, which portray the faces of the Tibetan people in the 21st century.

Pages include images of the landscape, children, farmers, monks and nomads, along with stories of how they live, work, eat and pray.

Throughout his career, Borges has lived with and documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world for 25 years, and his photographs are exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. “Culture on the Edge” is available for $45....

Marketing Yourself with Photoshelter’s Photo Books

14 October 2011
Published in : Media

Photoshelter is now offering its 13th educational e-book, “Marketing Yourself with Photo Books,” a free guide for photographers that provides expert tips and case studies on promoting a photography business through self-publishing.

The book explores the practical considerations of building a photography book for promotional use, including the economics, portfolio use and color fidelity. Photoshelter also provides advice about dealing with photo editors and designers...

D65 Launches Website, Lightroom 3 Book

19 March 2011
Published in : Media

In conjunction with the release of Lightroom 3, digital workflow resource hub D-65 has launched a new website offering lightroom webinars, tech support and intensive lightroom workshops.

These workshops and webinars range from four-day intensive training to 1.5-hour webinars which highlight features of Lightroom 3...

Photopreneur Blog Publishes '189 Sources of Inspiration'

17 March 2011
Published in : Media

Editors of top photography blog Photopreneur offer photographers a new muse with their 402-page book, "Inspired Photography: 189 Sources of Inspiration for Better Photos."

"Inspired Photography" is packed with creative approaches to enable any photographer, from enthusiast to professional, to push their work in new directions. Inspirational sources include ideas for new subjects to shoot in the city, the...

Second Edition of "Plastic Cameras'

16 March 2011
Published in : Media

Seattle-based photographer Michelle Bates has released, "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, 2nd edition."

This volume brings together the world of toy camera photography, including the history of their use, exhaustive instructions, tips and tricks for getting the most out of Holga and other choice "plastic" cameras, advanced camera modifications, darkroom and...

What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets

02 March 2011
Published in : Media

California photojournalist Peter Menzel has published a new book compiled of 80 portraits and essays of people and the food that fuels them.

These images, taken from over 30 countries and a dozen U.S. States, include images of shopping, cooking and eating. Some of Menzel's most striking images include an Egyptian camel broker, a Japanese sumo wrestler, a Sudanese refugee in...

Gulick's 'Salmon in the Trees' Released

18 July 2010
Published in : Media

Braided River has released photographer Amy Gulick's latest ecosystem photo book, "Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest." In the book, Gulick's images are partnered with essays and research from leading scientists, conservationists and journalists, who pose the question "How long can the biological riches of the Tongass withstand the global demands for timber, seafood, and minerals?" Contributors include...

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