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Software Cinema Offers Workshops on Demand

12 July 2006
Published in : Media

Software Cinema recently launched Workshop on Demand, an online service that provides access to training courses covering a variety of Adobe Photoshop topics. Each session is based on the company's CS2 Product-on-Disc lines, featuring expert instructors.

The programs guide digital photographers step-by-step through the advanced features found in Photoshop CS2, including Bridge, Camera Raw, 32-bit HDR and Smart Objects. Professional photographers share their expertise, such as...

ShootSmarter DVD Outlines Digital Exposure Control

12 May 2006
Published in : Media
Will Crockett, founder of ShootSmarter.com and ShootSmarter University, has released his eighth DVD, Digital Exposure Control. The 74-minute DVD provides tips and techniques for battling exposure control in the world of digital imaging.
Crockett explains light meters and discusses how to integrate digital cameras, studio strobes, light meters and on-camera flashes for reliable results...

Schulz Photographs Yellowstone, Yukon

11 May 2006
Published in : Media

Mountaineers Books has published “Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam,” with more than 200 full-color images by Florian Schulz (see Portfolio, page 12) and a foreword by Robert Kennedy Jr. Schulz documents the landscape, plants, animals and people of an ecosystem that exists along the spine of the Rocky Mountains. Although the wildness is still untouched by man, it lies in the path of encroaching development.

Contributing essayists Karsten Heuer, David Suzuki, Rick Bass and David Quammen describe...

Tapp DVD Demonstrates Photoshop Techniques

07 April 2006
Published in : Media

Software Cinema, a software training company supporting the imaging industry, has released a training series on DVD-ROM that features photographer Eddie Tapp. Created for the professional digital photographer, the 48-part series covers both fundamental and advanced techniques for establishing project workflow efficiency with Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Bridge and the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in.

In addition to workflow management, Tapp covers digital color...

Software Cinema Releases Dean Collins' Video Tutorials

03 February 2006
Published in : Media

Software Cinema has released a Finelight Video DVD set featuring the late Dean Collins, one of the most celebrated educators of lighting and camera techniques in the industry. "The Best of Dean Collins" covers fundamental and advanced lighting techniques that can be applied to standard or digital photography. In the six-hour set, Collins teaches in-studio and on location about...

Barbee, Bourne Offer Wildlife Photo Advice

29 November 2005
Published in : Media

In "88 Secrets to Wildlife Photography," wildlife and nature photographers Rod Barbee and Scott Bourne share professional techniques for making compelling photographs at locations close to home, such as zoos, parks or wildlife refuges. Beginning and experienced shooters will find tips for photographing wildlife, as well as information about equipment and basic and advanced...

Rozinski, Shattil Publish 'Valley of the Dunes'

23 November 2005
Published in : Media

Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski have published their 11th book, "Valley of the Dunes." The 152-page coffee-table book features 120 of the duo’s favorite photos taken while exploring Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park over the past 25 years.

A selection of photos from the book can be viewed at www.dancingpelican.com. Autographed copies may be purchased from the web site for $19.95 each.

Bradford Washburn Publishes Memoirs

21 August 2005
Published in : Media
One of the oldest surviving explorers and adventurers of the 20th century, Bradford Washburn, has published his autobiography. Now in his 90s, Washburn looks back on his multifaceted career, which includes pioneering work in aerial photography in Alaska’s mountains, 13 first ascents of Alaskan peaks and a decades-long relationship with the National Geographic Society. The autobiography also offers rare photographs and little-known anecdotes about Washburn’s World War II service and other explorations...
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