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Think Tank Devises Premounted Tele-Lens Rain Cover


Think Tank Photo has announced the release of the Hydrophobia 300-600, a rain cover specifically designed to be premounted for quick deployment.

In inclement weather, photographers can attach the Hydrophobia over their lenses before going into the field. When rain threatens, they can quickly unroll the cover over the rest of the lens and body.

The Hydrophobia uses a "film" coating rather than a "spray" coating applied to the underside of the fabric, as well as a tricot mesh to protect it, making it a more waterproof fabric.

The rain cover fits onto a 300 f/2.8, 400 f/2.8, 500 f/4 and 600 f/4, making it ideally suited for sports and nature photographers. The Hydrophobia comes with two extended sleeves for users to insert their arms in to access camera controls. A teleconverter can be added by unzipping the back.

The Hydrophobia 300-600 is priced at $150.

Additional Info

  • Company: Think Tank Photo
  • Company Phone #: 866-558-4465